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Subject: I Would Need Your Opinion
Date: 19 march 2012, 22:13

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

First of all I wish to congatulate you for the excellent theory you have developed.

I am interested in philosophy, history and culturology for many years but the the real push to jump deeply into studies in these fields I received after I read {"Storia di Roma" by Indro Montanelli}, and especially after I learnt about your masterpiece together with the other two great thikers' works:
 *"The Decline Of The West" by Oswald Spengler
    "Der Untergang des Abenlandes. Umrisse Morphologie Der Weltgeschichte" - Oswald Spengler
 *"A Study of History" by Arnold J. Toynbee

After I carefuly studied the guidelines of the three theories I decided to start developing a new theory addapted to the reality of my home country Bulgaria which exists on the premises of probably the most ancient Culture in Europe - The Trackian.

I woud like to ask you for your opinion about the "Providence" which appears in the theory of Oswald Spengler. Do you think that this what happens with the Western Civilization is not a Decline but just a Twilight, after which the fruits and seeds left by Western Civilization will be used from the next Culture.

I see in the section with comments a lot of letters from countries with Slavic and sometimes Celtic and Trackian origin, which are cultures that never have made attempts to dominate over other cultures as far as the records say.
And espesially the translator of your profile (Martha Ruszkowski) is a tipical slavic name. That means that your work is very popular among descendants of these three Cultures.

I would be very glad and thankful to learn and understand you point of a view about the specified matter.

The current working title of the study I am developing is "A Study Of Theories About The Twilight Of The West" and it is announced at

Yours Faithfully,

Emil Grozdanov
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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